Maryse Tannous Jomaa

Maryse Tannous Jomaa, an associate professor holding a bachelor in social work from Saint Joseph University (USJ) – Lebanon, a master’s degree in social work from Laval University-Canada and had completed her PHD in human Sciences, Option: Social Work.

She filled many positions at Saint Joseph University (USJ) since 1986, where she’s currently the director of the Lebanese School of Social Work (ELFS), a partner institution of FIUC since the 1990’s.

As well as being a member of scientific councils with many international associations, she has extensive experience in Social work with groups, trains internship supervisors and maintains particular expertise in the knowledge of Civil society and social policies within a perspective of good governance.

Throughout her tenure at ELFS, Maryse has contributed several researches, publications and presentations, In addition to managing innovative social projects in partnership with international NGO’s.

Since 2004, she has created and launched a unique academic diploma in Lebanon: University degree in “Social Entrepreneurship” at the Lebanese School of Social Work (ELFS).